About CharlestonRealEstateStats.com

The mission of this site is to empower Charleston area real estate professionals and their homeowners with information tools and current market analyses that will increase productivity and profitability in real estate sales. Real Estate sales are becoming more and more complex and agents who have a complete understanding of the market statistics have become more successful and sought after.

It’s easy and quick to obtain superior knowledge of our Charleston market using the tools you get with a MEMBERSHIP in Charleston Real Estate Stats:

Your monthly membership includes:

Statistical charts and accompanying instructional videos

Weekly analysis of properties going under contract

Comprehensive monthly market analysis

Frequent opportunities to attend classes where agents will learn talking points to go along with the charts and analysis.

Differentiate yourself!

Premium services are available for subscribers at a significantly discounted rate. Contact Doug

Receive professional one on one consulting for specific listings. Often, a professional third party unbiased opinion could be the difference that helps you obtain a listing or helps to get it sold. See All Services

Market your listings with Customized Visual Tours and url’s. See Example

Home measuring services. Contact Doug.

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