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Patty Scarafile, CEO Carolina One Real Estate

“Both a Realtor and a statistician, Doug Holmes has a unique ability and talent to understand and analyze the real estate market. His information offers a quick and easy way to keep a pulse on current market information, and is a valuable tool in pricing listings to sell.”

Toney Caldwell

There were a couple of reasons that my home went from showing to closed in only seven weeks. One of the most important was allowing DOUG HOLMES to use his knowledge and skill to price it right, therefore placing it on his well-priced list. Doug is definitely an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Elizabeth Phillips

Doug Holmes has assisted me numerous times with pricing homes correctly, advised on negotiation pointers, and provided a variety of charts/graphs to help both my sellers & buyers make the best decision. Doug is a gem and one I will always refer to for that additional edge in my business.

Henry Cerceo

Thanks for supplying the great real estate stats.  There is no perspective missed by the selections of charts provided.  They have consistently reflected an excellent snapshot of where we are today, where we have been, and the trend comparisons have provided excellent insight to myself as well as my sellers and buyers.  The well priced list has been a powerful reference for sellers in pricing their properties to help insure timely sales and for buyers to help recognize some of the best opportunities.

Jackie Parker

Doug's expertise in statistics has given him a unique approach to Real Estate.  Doug can give you a much more detailed and common sense approach to Real Estate today and in future markets.  There is power in knowledge.  Doug can put that power in your hands.

Myrna Altman, Carolina One Broker Manager, Charleston Central Office

With dedication to accuracy, professional mathematical knowledge, and  much persistence, Doug Holmes has masterfully developed a statistical method to evaluate saleability and valuation, and probability of the sale of homes. I admire his willingness to teach and advise other agents.  He has actively helped our office increase our percentage of listings taken that sell.  Because of Doug’s teaching and guidance, I have watched many agents increase their confidence in showing clients how to make good decisions.  For any agent who wants to maximize their confidence and their value to clients , I would recommend that they subscribe.   It is well worth the time and low cost to learn and use Doug’s tools.

Liza Valero, Agent Owned Director of Development

Your site looks great! It is extremely well done, very impressive.

Deborah Carson

Doug has been working hard on the market stats for a couple years. His hard work and knowledge of the market has helped myself and other agents out in pricing a home, getting a price reduction or just knowing the market. The stats will help you with your clients also.

Paige Pollack

I have found by using Doug's stats it is a lot easier getting price reductions which leads to an increase in sells. I would highly recommend subscribing to his new stats website!

Cary Walker

The most in-depth and detailed market statistic report you will find for the Charleston Metro market

Wendell Lucas

The data gathered and presented by Doug has been tremendously helpful to me in providing a “healthy housing market” overview to prospective home buyers;  especially those moving to the Charleston area  from regions of the country – and abroad - experiencing sluggish, depressed  market conditions.  The data format and content is easily understandable, and Doug diligently works to keep it up-to-date.

Dan Pape

Thank you for your continuous offering of stats for the greater Charleston area!  Buyers, Sellers, and agents as well continue to find this info very helpful

Raina Rubin

Thank you for your excellent evaluation of the real estate market.  Your data is easy to understand and thus easy to remember.   Seeing the trends helps one understand how best to advise our clients.  Your reports are an easy way to keep current in our ever changing market.

Cathy Sembower

My clients think I’m a genius when I show them Doug’s data!

Gary McGuckin

Thank you so much for the stats you have provided in the past regarding the greater Charleston area real estate market. I look forward to when you have your new site up and running so we can again obtain current /relevant information about the real estate market and the trends that the data you provide so easily points out. As an "REO agent" it is critical for me to stay abreast not only of the REO market but the "resale " market trends as well.

Posey Haynie

Doug, Just wanted to take a second to let you know how much I appreciate the statistics you send me each month. It makes my job a whole lot easier when I can show my buyers and sellers the numbers instead of just telling them.

Ann Batten

For several years I have had the unique opportunity to take advantage of Doug’s monthly statistical reports. The numbers in these reports have allowed me to give my clients advice that is more professional and timely than the raw data available in the MLS. Not only does his service give the latest figures on the Charleston market, but it also explains what they actually mean. By taking advantage of Doug’s service, I feel that I am able to present the most professional opinion available on the real estate market and the pricing of individual properties.

Dave Sansom, BIC Carolina One Real Estate and Mortgage Coleman Boulevard Office

Doug, I have found your statistical analysis, visuals, and pricing strategies to be tremendously helpful over the last few years. You have done a great job of making the complex understandable and I highly recommend your services to anyone considering a subscription.

Lynn Carmody

In this market it is critical to price listings correctly. Doug Holmes is invaluable in helping me do just that. I recommend him highly.

Charlotte Gerber

I would SO recommend Doug Holmes and his stats website. Its always nice to have someone who you can rely on for an expert opinion and someone who is unbiased. I have utilized Doug's information and it gives you peace of mind on pricing.

Paul and Beth LeClaire

Hi Doug, Thanks for your pricing presentation class and materials. We have used several of your tools in pricing our listings. We are now selling almost all of our listings, and are on track to close 50% more transactions than last year. Thanks Doug for your valuable information!

Meaghan Popper, Carolina One Real Estate, Broker in Charge Mount Pleasant North

Being a market expert is a key component to a successful real estate career. Doug's information is easy to understand, easy to present,and has helped many of our agents get their listings sold."

Nancy Price

Doug has been a TREMENDOUS help to me in learning how to price homes so they will sell! I attended as many of his classes as I could, and even though the material was the same, I learned something new everytime! He is very knowledgeable about this business!

Suzie Smith

Doug, I am so happy to hear that you will be continuing to offer the statistical information about our market and the neighborhoods in it as a service for us. I have always found the information you provide to be very helpful in working with both buyers and sellers. It allows me to be a knowledgeable resource to my friends and clients without having to dig up the details myself. Thanks for what you do!!!!!